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Rules in forum games

Post  kevinroma8792 on Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:50 pm

Here are the rules:

1. By no means are you allowed to bash, insult and or even joke around saying rude comments to anyone or anything for this spamming place and the Whole forum.

2. Please no unnecessary spamming like "do this or do that" or what I have been doing "one word comments." unless in the correct place for them.

3. Have fun and try not to be a jerk and piss everyone off.

4. Spam is fun but don't do mindless spam as a means to get your post count up. If the mods see it, they will automatically delete it.

If any of these things are brought to any admins or mods more than three times, we may implement punishment all the way up to a ban on the forum.

If we ban you and then let you back after you do your time and you do it again we may permanently ban you from this. We want a family fun forum where everyone can enjoy their time here. Not dread it and not want to be on here.

Please keep up with the rules so you can be safe Smile
Enjoy everyone!

s8ntnick speaking-please follow the rules i don't want to have to resort to banning users but i will if need be

Life is not a joke, don't make fun of it..

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